Phone Sex – Purring one caller at the time

If you are looking for companionship, then no doubt you’ll be checking the numerous dating websites in the hope that one profile among hundreds will not only catch your eye, but more importantly will not end up deceiving your eye when you do get to meet your date.

Online dating is tough. In a society where deception is commonly used in most aspects of our life, it is not uncommon for someone to, shall we say, exaggerate things when writing a profile.  It is understandable that we would all try to look our best in that second that it takes for someone to check our profile and actually read it, so we all look for the more advantageous photos of ourselves we can find.  You know, that picture where we look 20 pounds lighter, or 10 years longer… And once a picture has passed the initial inspection of a potential date, it is also normal for us to put forward the feature that we are most proud off.  Why would we write on our profile that we snore for example…

But people go far beyond the acceptable and embellish, modify, and improve at will so that we are eventually faced with one another, we of course do not recognize the person that so took our breath.  It has happened to me so regularly that after a while I would bring a printout of the photo shown on a profile and actually show it to it’s “owner”.  Needless to say, there was never an explanation needed, and I never contemplated going through with a date like that.

This is why I love phone sex.  I know, this is a contradiction, because if there is one industry where people look on their website entirely different that in real life, then it is indeed that industry, but that’s precisely why I choose cheap phone sex for my adult entertainment.  You see, I am not interested to know how a person looks like in real life.  I want her because of what she says she looks like, or what I would love for her to look like.


Take Catherine Zeta-Jones for example.  For me, she represents the ultimate in femininity.  I like just about everything about her.  Her looks, her voice, her accent… Everything.  How I wish… Still living in fantasy land has never helped anyone, unless… you let it phone sex bring it to life.

You see, there is a lady I call on a regular basis.  She is British, does an incredible impersonation of the object of my desires and she works for… yes… a phone sex company. It’s uncanny the world which this lady is able to create for me.  One where I actually talk to Catherine and more importantly where she talks back.

We have fun, we make love, we tell each other stories, we dream, we fantasize, we make plans for the future…

We can do all that because phone sex makes it possible.

Just because we all deserve it, here is a time lapse filmography of Miss Zeta-Jones